How do casinos use psychology to make you spend more than you planned?

1) They are generous. Picking you up at the airport with a limo. Putting your name on a sign. Giving you a special line to check-in. “All we ask is an average bet of $___/hour for around 4-5 hours a day” – this puts you in a position where you might feel like you “owe” it to them. They just need a certain amount of money in play. The percentages & odds will do the rest.

2) “coloring up” when you’re doing well. If you’re winning $5 chips over an over, they may start paying you in $25 chips. In a moment of betting frenzy, you may be less likely to “slow” down the game by requesting change, so you may bet the $25 chip.

3) Loyalty promotions – just ____ more points and you get a gift. Again, time & money in play is all they need. They don’t even care if you win or lose. Time is on their side.

4) Raising the minimum bet while a table is getting hot or the casino is getting full. You don’t want to lose your seat, you start betting a higher amount.

5) Would you like a cocktail? Served by a cute hostess with a low-cut outfit? Now you’re given the chance to talk with an attractive woman, get a (usually free) drink, and while you’re waiting for that “free” drink you may end up spending WAY more than you had planned. Depending on the table, the phrase “where IS that drink I ordered” can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

6) Asking for a “marker” – an on-the-spot check or IOU to the casino. It makes you look like a “big spender” (which you likely are) – so the bragging rights matter to some people.

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